Audio-Therapy Innovations, Inc's Terry Woodford's Nurturing Bedtime/Naptime Routine while playing Heartbeat Lullabies

  • It is important to place your baby in their bed awake so he/she won’t be waking in a place other than where she/he went to sleep.
  • If you let your baby go to sleep in your arms you’ll become your baby’s “favorite go to sleep place” .
  • When he/she wakes in the night for any reason you may find that she/he won’t go back to sleep without you rocking her/him completely back to sleep.
  • Stimulating play at bedtime causes your baby to take longer to calm down.
  • Keep the Comfort Speaker out of the baby’s reach.
  • Play the Heartbeat Lullabies at a low volume while you are rocking and feeding your baby.
  • Once your baby is relaxed, but still awake, place your baby in his/her bed..
  • Don’t let your baby get so close to being asleep that moving him to his bed will startle him..
  • Let the music continue to play to make a soothing transition to his/her bed and she/he will quickly fall asleep..
  • Its ok to let the music play at a low volume all night..
  • If your baby cries when you first lay him/her down, keep your hand on her/him until she/he stops crying..

Repeat the Same Routine

  • If he/she continues to cry pick her/him up and rock him/her again until he/she calms down.
  • Put him/her back in her/his bed while he/she is still awake.
  • Don’t let your baby cry for long periods of time.
  • The longer she/he cries the harder it will be to settle him/her